Job and Organizational Culture Fitments are the

Key to Hiring!

Source: HBR, November 2013

Helping Companies to

Acquire Right Talent

We are absolutely not a Placement Company!

Spotting right talent is difficult when all competitors are active in the job market. Organizations faces increasing demand and competition to attract and retain the best people in the market, the need to accurately forecast prospective and current employees’ performance and fit is critical.

Talent Assessment scientifically enables organizations to acquire data-driven, authenticated hiring decisions, and correctly predict and invest in growing and harnessing the right talent by deploying the right tool.

We are an enabler to provide you scientific tools through which you can select the right talent from the huge number of aspirants in lowest possible turn around time

Efficient, effective, fast, accurate and economical way to acquire talent!

Talent Acquisition Tool (TAT)

Get the scientific tool to assess the potential candidates competencies instantly. Even you can assess your existing employees competencies .
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Customized Competency Assessment (CCA)

Call us for assisting you in measuring your organizational competency Score which will help you in enhancing efficiency and organizational productivity.
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Surveys and Feedback (S & F)

Can assist you in assessing your Employees, Vendors, and Customers feedback by deploying scientific tools.
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Assessment Areas

These Areas can make your Talent Acquisition Process more Objective and improve accuracy

Technical Skills

Assess any job role’s technical skill-set be it Engineering, Management, Commercial

Management Skills

Managing, Motivating, Monitoring, Leading, Team skills, etc. can be assessed

Personality Traits

Unleash the personality traits of the candidate and check the job, team and culture fitment

Any other Areas

We can customize if you need any other areas to add


These Areas can make your Talent Acquisition Process more Objective and improve accuracy

Multi Users

Assessment can be conducted at any where in the world

Data Security

Your Data is 100% secure and safe


Activate proctoring services to ensure the authenticity


Thousands of candidates can appear at a time

Enriched Question Bank

Our expert team continuously update the Question bank

easy to use

Any one can appear and complete the online test without getting any training

our process

Activate your services for assessing both new and existing talents


Activate your Account


Just create Job Role

3.Send /Share

Share test link with Candidates through e-mail

4. In-depth Reports

Once Candidates appear in the test, in-depth Reports will be reflected in your account

Competency Assessment

For all Employees

Right Measurement

Knowing the exact competencies of overall organization enables organizations to know the health. We enable you to find out the right competencies for every job role. Design skill-set for all job roles, set the real metrics, measure it in scientific way to identify the gap in each role.

Acquiring Right Competencies

Wrong hiring is the major cause of attrition. We enable you to assess the job fitment, organizational fitment, cultural fitment for any job profile through our online platform in bare minimum turn around time.

Why Choose Us?

Delivering Values with Objectivity. Measurable benefits. Sustainable Execution

Industry/Subject Matter Knowledge and Team

  • Our in-depth of experience provides strong subject matter resources and insights
  • Our team integrates across lines to deliver the full range of solutions to address your needs

Methodical Execution and Delivery

  • We harness leading edge Six Sigma management techniques supported by advance methodology
  • Our integrated solution provides individual project and ending with financial statement impact

Rapid and Efficient Approach

  • We are able to deploy rapid system in place , review and realization phases of the transformation .
  • We work closely with you to deliver values from day one

Drive Sustainability

  • We understand Competencies & its long term benefits
  • Sustainability is the key focus from the outset